Wheat dumped on Valley View Town Square - 1953
In 1953 there was a bumper crop of wheat and there was no storage facilities to hold it.  Farmers in this
area were grateful to C.B. Dickeson who purchased the wheat and stored it around the town square until it
could be moved.

A story about this event was recorded in the Valley View Centennial Book, page 67.  I have the Centennial
book posted online split in two sections because of the file size.  This can be found at;

Valley View Centennial Book   
View looking southeast.  On the east side barely visible is Turners Grocery Store.  On the
south side is the building that was Sloans Grocery store (2nd building from west).  To the
east of Sloans was a beauty shop owned by Maureen Stroud around this time.  The building
to the west of Sloans Grocery is where today there is only a slab and not sure what it was
used for but in the 1960's the Hobbs family started a Oliver Tractor & Implement Dealership
which later moved along I-35 to the south part of Valley View.  The Cattle truck in the lower
left was the parking area for Hudspeth's Trucking Company.  At this time cattle were
transported to the Fort Worth Stock Yards and before local area sale barns because popular.
The northest side of the town square.  In view is the Valley View Builders and to the east is the
Church of Christ.  On the corner across is a building which was used by T.R. Couch to house
machinery in my earliest memory.  Older people would be able to tell me what it was used for at
a earlier time.
Young girl is Nancy Kemplin (Taylor) who is the one who shared these pictures with me.