Athletics has been a part of our school from the beginning.  When the original school song was written is unknown to me at this time.




We are the Eagles, the Eagles are we

true to each other as Eagles can be.

We’ve got to fight boys, we’ve got to fight.

We’ve got to fight for the Green and White.

And after they’ve boosted all the rest,

they will come and join the best.

For we are the Eagles that fly

through the sky.

And we’re all from Valley View High.


            The Valley View High School Class of 1954 came up with a new school song.  This change was led by the class valedictorian, Kay Hampton.  Kay joined the class at the beginning of her Sophomore year.  She had previous to this time attended school at Carrollton High School.  Speaking to her on this subject she told me that she had “borrowed” from her previous experience at Carrollton High School.   Kay Hampton Jones now makes her home in Fort Worth and has returned to her alma mater during the semi-annual Valley View School Alumni Banquet.   At the conclusion of each banquet current and former students, teachers and friends rise and sing both school songs.




Here upon a hallowed plain stands our Valley View,

To her we are ever loyal, to her we’re ever true,

Lift her banner, speed them onward, may they ever fly,

Hail to thee our alma mater, hail to Valley View High.



Norman L. Newton

Class of 1967