City of Valley View - July 2013
The City Hall was recently painted and looks very nice.
This mural was added to the City Halls west wall.  It is a nice addition to the town area.  At the time Captain Lee
came to this location in 1870 he was only a 39 year old man.   I am sure the artist was not given a photo to have
an idea what he looked like.
A picture added to show what he
(Captain Lee) looked like as a young
Mural added to the east side of Wilhite Land Surveying.  This is the south end of the
Mural added to the side of Wilhite Land Surveying.  This is the north end of the mural.
Wilhite Land Surveying.  Anyone that has lived in Valley View for length of time will recall this building when built
used as the Valley View Post Office located at the corner of Obuch & Lee Streets..