Valley View, Texas Tornado

April 29, 1893


Damage to Property-No Lives Lost-A Strange Coincidence.

Co., Tex., April 29.-A cyclone visited this town this afternoon about 5 o'clock. It was a regular twister. People who were watching noticed a black, funnel-shaped cloud coming from the southwest, whirling round and round as it came. Many had time to run to storm houses before it struck.

It crossed Spring creek, just below town, tearing off tree tops and filling the air with them. It passed through the business part of the town and its main path was not more than 100 yards wide.

No lives were lost and no one hurt.

The new residence of
A. J. HUDSPETH was demolished and there is no trace of his barn remaining. The damage to his place amounts to about $3000.

store was careened and their drugs damaged about $500.

store and stock of dry goods were damaged about $500.

A remarkable coincidence is that earlier in the day a report went out through the state that the town had been demolished by a cyclone. Telegrams were received by people here asking for details. Answers were sent that the town had had no cyclone to-day and never had had one. People were discussing the report when the storm really came. Now they are at a loss to know whether the fellow that started the report was a romancer or a prophet.


Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 30 Apr 1893



[Thanks to Karl Maughan for finding this information.] NLN