Thomas Jefferson (Jeff) and Mamie Masten

Thomas Jefferson Masten - known most frequently as T. J. (or Jeff) Masten - was born on January
3, 1872 in Dade County, Missouri.  He was the oldest son of
John Baxter and Celia Ann Spain
.  In 1884, the family moved from Missouri to Cooke County, Texas.  Jeff, age 12, and his
brothers walked most of the journey.  He spent his teenage years on the Masten farm between Lois and

Mary Virginai (Mamie) Neisler was born on March 19, 1880 is Statesville, Iredell County, North
Carolina.  She was the third daughter of
George Locke and Laura Ann McKibben Neisler. In 1885,
the Neisler family moved to the Oak Grove community east of Gainesville.

Jeff Masten and Mamie Neisler married July 9, 1899, at which time they moved to the Lois community.  
In 1902, they purchased a 100 acre farm adjacent to the main road intersection that marks the heart of
the Lois community.  Lois was an active community; it contained a cotton gin, general store, school, and
at least two churches.  Jeff and Mamie were active in the community.  Jeff farmed a variety of crops on
their farm, including a number of livestock and a fruit orchard.  Mamie - who taught Sunday School
classes for 24 years - had a reputation as an excellent cook.  In the early 1920's Jeff and Mamie built a
new home on the farm.  That home stood until just a few years ago.
After Jeff's father died, he inherited another 32 acres to add to the farm which he had already
purchased.  Although Jeff and Mamie owned automobiles and at least one tractor, none of their
descendents remember them ever using a tractor.  They had at least two teams of horses, which were
used for the farm work.  By 1929, they had over 200 acres under cultivation.

Mamie Masten died NOvember 20, 1935, and Jeff Masten died October 12, 1951.  They are both
buried in Valley View.  Jeff and Mamie Masten were the parents of three children, each of which has
living descendents.

George Baxter (8/10/1900 - 9/3/1959), who married Rosa Mae Salsman
Raleigh Lee (10/10/1902 - 1/13/1976), who married Dollye Mae McFarlin
Della Virginia (12/13/1904 - 11/6/1949), who married Lloyd Hayes
Jeff and Mamie Masten
Jeff Masten Family:  Della, Raleigh, Jeff, Mamie, George
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