[The following information is obtained from browsing through microfilm and archive files at the Cooke County Library].   NLN


September 7, 1997


Cooke County Library, reference information;


            Newspaper, Friday, 11-23-1934, page 2, Wilt Idell confesses to theft of yearling calf from Frank Newton.


            History of Cooke County Folder C; (A pictorial essay pub. in 1975)


            page 40, picture of first brick school in V.V. built in 1903, was dismantled in 1935.


            page 48, picture of O.W. Myers cotton gin built in 1916, was one of 3 operating in V.V. in 1918.  This gin was destroyed by fire in 1925.


            page 49, picture of a "turkey drive" around 1900, originating in V.V. and ended in Gainesville.  (Picture of Turkeys being herded)


            page 54, between 1905 and 1949 V.V. was plagued by fire seven times.  Picture of ruins in V.V. after a 1924 fire.


            Gainesville Register microfilm skips after June 30, 1897 to March, 1904.  (Fire)  No obituary for William Obuch, died 1-20-1901, C.S. Newton, died 1-25-1903.



Gainesville Daily Register Clippings 1916-1919 (Black Binder)

Mrs. Roy Mann accompanied by her mother Mrs. L. W. Lee, went to Gainesville Thursday to remain until Saturday, when she will leave for her home in Denver, where Mrs. Lee will reside permanently.  It is with deepest regret the people see this grand old “mother of Valley View” go to another State to reside, but their very best wishes for her continued good health and many more years of usefulness will go with her to her home in Colorado.  (Monday, 2-28-1916)


Aug 13, 1918 (Gainesville Daily Register Clippings 1916-19 (Black Binder)

Outing Camp near Valley View gives pleasure to many.  Article about the Messrs. Chas. And John Ussery have for their families each summer.  Located about two miles southeast of V.V.  It is in the Ussery pasture, near the old homestead of this pioneer family, and is a rare beauty spot. 

Valley View is noted for its high class of citizenship ………….

(Long article)


GDR, 10-5-1918

Miss Metze Jones of Valley View visited in the city today.


Same page give obituary of Mrs. C.C. Potter in detail.


Same page , Congressman Marvin Jones returns from France.  Tour of the battle fields.



GDR, 12-19-1944

Valley View Eagles honored at grid banquet.  Speaker, Coach Thurman Jones of Wichita Falls was principle speaker.   Walt McCord, Eagle coach, awarded letter to Leroy Belz, Roy Lee Belz, Charles Wilson, Dale Lanier, Doyle Wade, Billy George Highfill, T. J. Carson, Billie Joe Scott, Curtis Wilkerson, E. L. Hancock, Bobby Anderson, Chester Calhoun, and John McCuistion.  Manager’s letters went to Billy Baker and Lavelle McFarlane. 

Players receiving honorable mention for work as members the the squad were: John Switzer, James Roy Leach, Grabville Hott, Junior Davis, Earl Wilson, Waymon Davis, Ralph Wade and Harvey Barthold. 

Highlight of the program was the entertainment furnished by a magician from Denton, songs by Polly Dean Highfill, accompanied by Jo Ann Flint, and crowing of the football queen, Miss Betty Lou Klinglesmith.  John McCuistion and T.J. Carson were elected as co-captains for next season.


GDR 12-26-1944

First Lt. Robert H. Soloman of Valley View is pilot of the B-24 Liberator, “The YMCA Flying Service,” based at an Eighth Air Force Liberator station in England.  The men named their bomber in honor of the YMCA to show their appreciation of the daily trips made by the YMCA team with their “tea wagon” and its load of cakes, cookies and buns. “The YMCA Flying Service” Liberator participated in the 200th mission on Armistice Day of the 392nd Heavy Bombardment group.


GDR 12-29-1944

Wayne Browning son of MR & Mrs. Morgan Browning has completed his boot training at San Diego, Calif., and has reported to gunner mate school, Lake Union, Seattle, Wash., after a leave spent with homefolks at Valley View.



(white book binder) GDR Personal 1943


Gifts for Valley View M.E. Church.

A news pulpit and two chairs have recently been donated to Valley View Methodist church by Marvin Jones, judge in the court of civil appeals, Washington, D.C., and a former resident of Valley View.  Last year Mr. Jones installed fluorescent lights in the church.

Mr. Jones is the son of the late Mr. & Mrs. H. K. Jones of Valley View, and the brother of Mrs. Jim Lane of that community.  [Note:  This is in error.  Mrs. Theodocia Jones was still living.  It should have said, “Mr. Jones is the son of Mrs. H. K. Jones and the late H. K. Jones.] NLN



Fred Blackard has been re-elected superintendent of the Valley View Consolidated school for another term.  He has served in this capacity for the past two years.

C. E. Weseman is preparing to erect a cafe and ice house on his lot in front of Nichols Motor Co. to replace buildings destroyed by fire several months ago.



C. L. Helms, formerly of Byars, Ok., became regular agent ot the Santa Fe railway at Valley View this week, relieving S. T. Cheek, extra agent, who had previously relieved Edgar Menefee, who retired after serving 16 years at Valley View.



Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Roane of Valley View have received a letter from Capt. Charles E. Watson, commanding officer of an air base in British Guinea, South America, near the scene of an airplane crash in which their son Flight Officer Orville R. Roane, died Monday, March 15.

Capt. Walton stated that Flight Officer Roane was killed instantly in the crash, and that he was given a military funeral and buried at the station there.

A letter of condolence was sent Mr. and Mrs. Roane by First Lt. Melvin T. Wilson, chaplain at the post there.


 4-1 or 2-1943

Leo, Royce, Willie and Owen Roane have left for their various posts of duty after a visit to their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Roane.



Mrs. J. I. Lane has returned from a recent visit to Amarillo, where she was the guest of her mother, Mrs. H. K. Jones, and sister, Mrs. Jeff Neeley.


Joe McLaughlin, formerly  employed by Leazer Hardware Co., has gone into the service of the Santa Fe railway.



Mrs. Leonard Luttmer arrived in Gainesville Saturday from Massachusetts, where she has been with her husband, who has recently been assigned to foreign service.



Sgt. Homer R. Stroud and wife have returned to their home at Greenville, after a visit to Mrs. Stroud’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hancock.  Sgt. Stroud is attached to the air base at Greenville.



Mrs. Joe McLaughlin and little son, Bobby Joe, and Mrs. J. V. McLaughlin, Valley View, were visitors in Gainesville Tuesday.  Master Bobby Joe observed his second birth anniversary on Sunday, May 2.



Cpl. And Mrs. Claude Billingsley of Los Angeles, Calif., are visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Al Kuntz, and family in Valley View.  Mrs. Billingsley is the former Miss Freda Kuntz.  Ref:  When they went back to California they were accompanied by Freda’s sister Miss Anna Mae Kuntz.



Lanier Hancock has returned to camp at Independence, Kansas, after spending a 10 day furlough with his parents and family here.



Era News – Miss Mary Lou Anderson, teacher in Alvord school, spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. R. F. Anderson.



Sgt. F. L. Rolls of Miami Beach, Fla., has been visiting relatives in Valley View, and was entertained at a family dinner last Sunday at the home of Miss Mattie McCollum.


Pvt. Jack Highfill of Independence, Kansas, is visiting his wife, the former Miss Grace Klinglesmith, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Highfill.



Lois Nell Dickeson, who is in school at Denton, spent the weekend with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dickeson.


Leon Calhoun, employed in a defense plant in St. Louis, Mo., was a guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Q. G. Calhoun last week.



Miss Tisha May Barnett has purchased a home in Valley View from Mr. and Mrs. Oliver McElyea, now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Helms.  The Helms have bought a home belonging to Mrs. Minnie Klinglesmith-Willis.



Mrs. Homer Stroud of Greenville, the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hancock.


Mrs. Jack Highfill has returned from a visit to her husband in Independence, Kansas.


Mrs. Lee Hancock visited her son, Lanier, who is in camp in Independence, Kansas.



Mrs. C. D. Kemplin suffered a stroke of paralysis Tuesday at the home of her son, John Kemplin, near Valley View.  The stroke effected her right side, and her conditions was unchanged Wednesday morning.  Mrs. Kemplin, who has made her home in Gainesville for many years, recently moved to the home of her son to reside.  She is also the mother of Mrs. Damsel Gunter and Dewey Kemplin of Gainesville, and Willard Kemplin of Valley View.


Horse Returns to His Birthplace

Marvin O’Brien, who resides south of Valley View, owns a saddle horse that has a remarkable “memory” – if horses have such things.

Some 14 years ago, the horse owned by Mr. O’Brien, was born in a pasture now known as the Hub Huey pasture, in the Union Grove community.  At the age of three years, the horse was broken to ride, by G. S. Morrow, who still lives in the community.

Mr. O’Brien purchased the horse some five years ago, presumably after it had been away from its birthplace since the age of three.  O’Brien, at the time lived on part of what is now Camp Howze military reservation.  When his land there was taken over by the government, he moved to a new location, south of Valley View.

A few days ago, his saddle horse strayed away, wearing saddle and bridle.  O’Brien began tracing it, in an automobile.  The trail ended finally at the Hub Huey pasture, some 12 miles distant, where the horse had been born.  Mr. Morrow had recognized the animal and put it in the enclosure for safekeeping until its owner arrived.



Miss Edith Kemplin of Dallas, Lt. Keith Kemplin of Stinson field, San Antonio, and J. C. Kemplin, student at NTSTC, Denton, were weekend guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Kemplin, at Valley View. (Ref: Also in Valley View news on 7-21-1943)



Miss Sula Pace has returned from a vacation trip to her old home in Memphis, Tenn.


Jack Highfill has returned to a camp at Independence, Kans. Following a visit with his wife and parents.


Mr. and Mrs. Alex Huston, Mrs. J. L. Dawson and Mrs. Lee Hanley, all of Dallas, were in Valley View Friday and Saturday.  They sold their home here to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Menefee, who will occupy the premises.



Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wilshire will occupy the Bill Keel cottage in the sough part of town by Sept. 1.  Mr. Wilshire is the newly elected superintendent of Valley View school

Hillard Hoffman of St. Jo. Has been elected principal of Valley View school.


Little Lillie Jane McFarland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McFarland, a patient at the Children’s hospital, Dallas, is responding to the Sister Kenny treatment, although her condition is still critical.


Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wheat have added an apartment to their recently purchased gas station north of the Presbyterian church.


Lieut. Keith Kemplin, of San Antonio, and Miss Edith Kemplin of Dallas, were here to attend the funeral of their grandmother, Mrs. Cordelia Kemplin.


Misses Drothy Dean Hunter of Sweetwarter, and Margaret Lowe of Denton, were weekend guests of their parents.


J. G. Steadman, Jr., has notified his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John G. Steadman, that he has been promoted to the rank of sergeant.  He is stationed at Garden City, Kansas, in the army air corps.


Lt. Perry Kemplin, stationed with the Fourth Ferrying command at Memphis, Tenn., hs notified his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Kemplin, that he has been promoted in rank to first lieutenant.


Mr. and Mrs. Bill Terry have bought a home on the highway, formerly owned by Ralph Couch.



Mrs. Buddy Barnes and children, Billy, Jimmie and Johnnie, have returned to their home in Oakland, Calif., after a visit to Mrs. Barnes parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Myers.  She was formerly Patsy Myers.


Sgt. And Mrs. Homer Stroud of Greenville, have returned to their home after a visit to Mrs. Stroud’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hancock She is the former Naurine Hancock. (Should be Maurine)


Robert Solomon, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Solomon, a member of the army air service, graduated from the basic flying school at Strother, Kansas, and has been assigned to another field for advanced training.


J. B. Miller, Jr. so of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Miller, writes his parents that he continues to improve, following an accident in which both legs were fractured.  He is able to leave the hospital for trips to town in a taxi.



Gainesville - Lt. Herbert A Tyler, United States Naval Reserve, has arrived here for a visit with his wife, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clay Newton, 702 South Denton Street. Lt. Tyler is stationed with headquarters of the 15th Naval district, Balboa, Canal Zone.  Mrs. Tyler is the former Miss Merte Helene Newton, and has been residing here since her husband entered the service.



John Lowe Family honored at a farewell party by the Methodist church members.  Mrs. Lowe had been organist and teacher in Sunday school for a nember of years, and the entire family had been active in church work.  Mrs. Charles Peery expressed the loss the community will sustain in the loss of the Lowe family, and presented them with a gift from their friends.

Miss Mary Cunningham gave a suitable reading, and refreshments of punch and cookies were served by Betty Jean McCuistion, Joan Flint and Betty Lou Klinglesmith.



Mrs. J. L. Fry of Mountain Vale, Ark., is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Bill Terry and family.


Pfc. Dan Fling Jr., who is stationed at an Army base in Mountain Home, near Boise, Idaho, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dan Fling and daughter, Joan.  He will leave for his post of duty on Oct. 13.



John Lowe of Valley View, is leaving this weekend for Eugene, Ore. to join Mrs. Lowe, where they will reside.  The Lowe family has lived in Cooke county for a number of years, recently selling their property in the Valley View community.



Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hudspeth and Mr. and Mrs. Ewing Aston attended the christening of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Schafer’s son at the Whaley Memorial church, Gainesville a week ago.  Mrs. Schafer was formerly Eula Pearl Hudspeth of this community.


Mrs. H. K. Jones of Amarillo, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Lane; also another daughter, Mrs. Cliff Moss, of Denton.


Lanier Hancock, cadet in the Air Force at Independence Kan., is spending a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hancock.  He expects to be transferred to a base in Florida.


Sgt. and Mrs. Homer Stroud, of Greenville, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hancock.

Miss Mary Cunningham, student nurse in a navy training corps, Dallas, spent the weekend at home.



Denton- Randolph O’Brien of Gainesville, graduate student on the campus of North Texas State Teachers college, has been named on the dean’s list for the fall semester.

The list contains the names of juniors and seniors who have at least a “B” average on work done during their last semester in school.



Officers for the coming year of the WSCS of the Methodist Church were elected in a meeting held in the home of Mrs. Edgar Menefee with Mrs. C. L. Helms as co-hostess.

Mrs. Leroy O’Brien was named president of the group with other officers as follows;

Vice president, Mrs. Lois McCuistion; recording secretary, Mrs. Edgar Menefee; corresponding secretary, Mrs Ewing Aston; treasurer, Mrs. C. L. Helms; superintendent missionary education, Mrs. Charles Peery; superintendent Christian social relations, Mrs. Gene Wilshire; surperintendent literature and publications, Mrs. Jennie Myers and Mrs. Jeff Hudspeth; superintendent of supplies, Mrs. Tom Smith, with her assistants, Mrs Roy Turner, Mrs. Bill Terry; superintendent children’s work, Mrs. Ewing Aston.

Mrs. Charles Peery presented the first chapter of “We Who Are America,” as part of the study course program, and refreshments were served at the close of the afternoon.



Valley View, Nov. 30 – The Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian churches held a joint Thanksgiving service last Wednesday night, at the Presbyterian church. Music was furnished by the Baptist choir, and the address was made by Rev. R. J. Kerr, pastor of the Methodist church.  The Cemetery Association had a meeting after service, and made plans for caring for the local cemetery.


Leon Calhoun, stationed at Camp Perry, VA. Is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Q. C. Calhoun.



Valley View, Dec. 8 – Lieut. And Mrs. Charles Peery and small son are guests of the Charles E. Peery family.  Lieut. Peery is being transferred from a base in Montgomery, Ala., to a similar post in Georgia.


H. Earl Jones of Amarillo, spent last Wednesday night with his sister, Mrs. J. I. Lane, en route to a lodge meeting in Waco.