The Valley View High School  "DOUBLE V"      September 19, 1935
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The Valley View High School "DOUBLE V"        December 19, 1935
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Captain Lee descendant of Indian king Powhattan
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Ritchey name Man of the Year              Posted 3/11/2009
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Jason Brinkley - Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4      Posted 1/15/2011
Valley View High School Graduates currently in Cooke County Government
Year graduated shown         Posted 1/15/2011

Billie Jean Turner Knight – 1968, Tax Assessor / Collector
John O. Roane – 1964, Cooke County Judge
Jason Brinkley – 2001, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4
Delbert West – 1962, Cooke County Surveyor
B. C. Lemons – 1961, Commissioner Precinct 2