The Valley View High School  "DOUBLE V"      September 19, 1935
Cooke County Library - Browsing Notes in 1997            Posted 12/27/2007
Tornado hits Valley View 4/29/1893               Posted 12/29/2007
The Valley View High School "DOUBLE V"        December 19, 1935
D-Day still whispers to Woodbine man     Posted 2/23/2008
Captain Lee descendant of Indian king Powhattan
Thrilling Indian Raids into Cooke and Montague Counties  Posted 2/14/09
The link below is from the North Texas Genealogy Association
Hudspeth is Citizen of the Year              Posted 3/11/2009
Ritchey name Man of the Year              Posted 3/11/2009
Turbo enters the Veterinary Animal Hall of Fame         Posted 3/12/2009
Secret Service Agent recalls John F. Kennedy assassination  10/19/2010
Susan Ford Hughes - New District Clerk       Posted 1/11/2011
Jason Brinkley - Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4      Posted 1/15/2011
Valley View High School Graduates currently in Cooke County Government
Year graduated shown         Posted 1/15/2011, updated 1/10/2014

Brandy Baptiste Carr - 1999, Tax Assessor / Collector
Jason Brinkley – 2001, Cooke County Judge
Delbert West – 1962, Cooke County Surveyor
John Groves - Bricklayer    Posted 1/24/2012
Confederate Heros Day      Posted 1/23/2012
A Mother's Love   Posted 2/5/2012
Two of Sixteen Million      Posted 1/18/2013
The Doolittle Raid - Jonna Doolittle Hoppes speaks about her Grandfather, General
Jimmy Doolittle from her new book "Calculated Risk" and the importance of recording history
for future generations at the Historic Flight Foundation's "B-25 Grumpy Welcome Reception".
This clip includes original film footage of the crews on the historic "Doolittle Raid" of WWII,
which proved to the US and the Japanese Empire that America could and would strike back.
The special event was attended by over 200 people to welcome the worlds oldest B-25
bomber back to the United States and into the Historic Flight Foundation collection.  Posted
Story about Dan Flint Jr. and Sam Rayburn      Posted 3/19/2013
Worlds Longest Horse Race     Posted 8/16/2013
Newsome Dougherty Memorial High School
Eagles Above & Beyond - Jesse Newton
VVISD Retirement - Troy Moon                  Posted 1/8/2014
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Big Game Hunter      Posted 8/5/2014
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