I wish to make clear to the reader the following;

1)            When the Double V was published in 1935 it was not at the Valley View School on Newton Street in the south part of town.  In 1935 the school was located on the 2nd block north of the town square.  I have a picture of this 2-story school posted in the pictures sections.

2)            There is talk about football in this publication.  The reader will quickly discern from the writings that it appears to be an unknown sport to them.  The explanation about that is football became an athletic event at Valley View for the first time in 1935.                 

3)            Most of the students that are named are very familiar to me even though the time period is many years prior to my birth.  Never-the-less there are many relatives of these people still in the area and in some cases are people that is still living.  If you the reader have contact with anyone listed here or aware of anyone that is a relative please share this article with them.  I am confident it would be very meaningful to them.


                I am very grateful to Dr. Billy Ward &  family for providing these old Double V’s for archive.  His parents, Jack and Willie B. McCUISTION Ward, who have both recently passed away were members of the Class of 1938. 


                Lastly, I transcribed this publication into a newspaper format to duplicate the original appearance.  Unfortunately html had its way with the format during conversion so what you view is not like my original transcription at all.  I will try to correct the format problem.  Other issues of the Double V will be transcribed as I have the time to do so.  If anyone wishes to receive a correctly formatted copy I would be happy to provide in WORD format.  Just e-mail me and ask.


Enjoy,      Norman L. Newton, Valley View Class of 1967    





Vol. V              The Valley View High School   September 19, 1935                 No. 2





     The seventh grade is working out a unit in the history of Valley View.  Monday Mr. Gregg and the class visited an old cemetery near the home of Ernest Switzer.  The cemetery is located on a slope in the edge of the timber at Spring Creek.  Four marked graves were found and two definitely located.  The pupils cleared the brush and grass from two graves and made mounds on them.  The girls had a few flowers which they placed on the graves.  On one broken marble stone was the name M. W. Mann.  Carved nicely on a marble slab was Virginia Harrison, died September 28, 1866.  She was 32 years old.  The graves lie northwest and southeast.




     The P. T. A. is again offering pictures in the attendance contest – one picture for the lower grades and one for the high school classes.  The picture is to go to the room or class which has the most adults present at a given meeting.  So urge your parents and neighbors to attend each of these meetings.




     In the scrimmage with the Sanger team here Wednesday afternoon, everyone found out that he was “punk”.  On the defense Coach said that we did fairly well, but that we made a poor showing on the offense.  The boys did not show much fighting determination.  They did not “hold that line,” charging was not firm enough, was not low enough, nor was it fast enough.

     The scrimmage was a great help to both boys and coach.  The faults of the team were shown up and they hope to rectify those faults – “iron them out” so to speak – before the first game on the 27th with Handley High School at Wortham Field in Ft. Worth.

     Some of the boys have been stricken with colds and are not able to do much playing this week.  Those are Junior McCollum, Jack Highfill, and Royce Dale Miller.  Herbert Myers and Junior McCuistion are out because of work.

     Lately most of the work has been done on plays and blocking.





     Willie Pearl Wilkerson, Carrie Sue Aughtry, and Marse Anderson with the help of Mrs. Edge were appointed last Friday to plan the assembly programs for each Wednesday.  This committee will have charge of each program and if anyone wishes to be on it, please see one of the committee or Mrs. Edge on Monday morning at 10 o’clock.




     The program Wednesday, according to the new plan, was in the form of a radio program.  Marse Anderson was announcer of the following:  Songs, “Lulu’s Back in Town” and “In My Song of Love” by Margaret Lowe.  Piano duet, “On the Isle of Caprie” by Willie B. McCuistion and Yvonne Lowery.  Reading, “Little Girl So Far Away” by Wanda Lou Switzer.  Songs, “You’re a Heavenly Thing”, “I’m in a Mood for Love”, and “Solitude” by Bill Pat Lowe, and a Piano Duet, “Rosy Fingers”, by Wanda Lou Martin and Dorothy Dean Hunter.

     Mr. Brown had some of the football boys to go through some plays and also explained several things which we did not know about football.

     Margaret Lowe and Norma Jean Mallicote led while everyone yelled for the team.

     Mr. Gregg mad an announcement which concluded the program for Wednesday morning.


Marse Says


     All I know is what I see and hear on the campus.  Well, folks, may I have a few minutes of your time to chat so that we both might learn something?  The football season opens this week, and every team is busy preparing themselves for many a hard fight – a hard fight at that.  The Eagles have been putting in good time working out.  Their coach, Mr. Brown, is working very hard with the boys, and he says he has some fine material with which to work.  They have organized the team and started off right.  Boys, don’t forget that it is not who wins or who loses, but how you play the game that counts.

     You should see Mr. Gregg play football, and Mrs. Edge says that they have changed the rules somewhat since she played.

     Commercial is being taught in the school this year.  In my opinion it is a wonderful subject.  Although everyone cannot be a lawyer, yet he should know something about law.  Mr. Brown is our instructor, and the class does not think he can be beaten.

     Mildred Rose has just returned form California.  We wonder if she had a wonderful trip, and if she interviewed any movie stars while there.

     Well, folks, I am crowded for space, but I want someone to show J. R. Smith where the study hall is.


The Dictator.




     Any high school student who will in any way help on the “Double V” staff will please file your application with Mrs. Edge at once.




Mary had a little lamb

She put in on the shelf

And everytime it wagged its tail

It spanked its little self.



Mrs. Edge called on those in English III that had written a story for the first paragraph in the assignment to stand and read.  I proudly stood and not until I had finished did I realize that I had written about the last paragraph!  Boy! Was my face let!


     The scavenger hunt out at E[?] last Friday night must have been a dilly from all indications.  I wonder if Mr. Gregg realizes the fact.


     In civics class the following conversation was heard. 

     Louise:  Miss Callie, the flies [?] just eating me up.

     Dee:  Well, they are bad on [?].

     Marse: They are in the wrong [?].


     Ask on of our seniors how she likes the A. and M. College boys.


     The following incident occurred in Spanish II;

     Billye Sue;  Mr. Brown, I don’t know beans about this.

     Mr. Brown:  Well, you had better learn beans and onions both for Je[?] said he like them.


     We wonder if any of the students are troubled with insomnia around six o’clock in the morning.


     A sentence put on the board in one of the English classes read as follows;  The boy and girl are brothers.




Issued each week by the students of the Valley
View High School


The Staff

Editor-in-chief ------------>      Gladys Mae Idell

Assistant Editor -----------  James Keel

Assistant Editor -------Willie Pearl Wilkerson

Staff Artist ------------------ Earlyne Lowe

Joke Editor ------------------- Virginia Allman

Sports Editor ----------------- Junior McCollum

Grade News Editor --------- Billye Sue Hunter

Printers -------------- Roy Godwin & Jack Highfill

Paper Folders ------- Junior McCollum & Bill Allman

Circulation Managers ----------

     School --------------------- Willie B. McCuistion

     Local --------------------------- Ora Maddox

Student Typist -------------------- Edith Stockton




     Our textbooks are issued to us by the state.  We should be glad that the state lends these to us and that we do not have to buy all of our books.  Some of us are not very appreciative of this favor bestowed upon us by the state.  Some boys and girls abuse the books.  Because of these few, the state has to buy new books every few years.  This money which the state uses to buy books every few years could be used to improve the schools.  We should appreciate our books enough to not abuse them.  DO YOU?

J. K.


     Usually before a boy starts to school, he has learned to doff his hat at the door.  However, we have two or three boys in high school who insist upon wearing hats or caps in the building.  We are wondering if a hint to the wise will not be sufficient.

     Boys and girls in high school are also supposed to know how to walk without stamping or dragging their feet across the floor.  This disturbs classes and pupils who are trying to study.  You can help to make the school better by using your manners.




     The Junior Volley Ball girls with the help of Miss Miller and Frances Willis, organized Monday morning during Physical Education period.  The group has four teams; the Bludbirds, Cardinals, Snails , and Stars.

     The Senior Volley Ball girls met and organized five different teams Friday morning at the Physical Education period.  Miss Miller appointed five girls to choose the players and one substitute for each team.  The following are the captains and the names of their teams, Earlyne Lowe, “Scavengers: Eloise Lowery, “Go-getters”; Willie B. McCuistion, “Kangaroos”; Anna Grace Klinglesmith, “Hounds”; and [last team?] Virginia Allman, “Cubs”.  The teams will play round robin fashion.  The captains drew for places to play.


     The Senior Volley Girls have played three games and are playing on their fourth one.  In the first game the “Go-getters” beat the “Scavengers”, and the second game the “Kangaroos”, beat the “Hounds”.  The third game was played between the “Cubs” and “Go-getters”, and the “Cubes” were the winners. The Fourth game, which is not yet completed, is being played between the “Scavengers” and “Kangaroos”.

     S. T. Lanier and Leo Roane have been elected Co-Captains of the football team.  S. T. is captain of the linemen, and Leo is captain of the back field men.

     The Sanger football team came to Valley View Wednesday afternoon to go through some practice plays with our team.





Study ‘ all

Blue Monday


Dear Gussie,

     The foirst week of skul has done gone.  And that thore paper, “Do-ble V” has changed staff.  I an assist yore ant edititor and this here paper yam the best that was ever put out.  You shore ought to hear Mr. Brown rave about them there [?] in girls names.  He can’t understand that “y” means “and”.  Like Billye Sue, means Bill and Sue.

Yores truly,  Jake


School Is Growing


    The school now has a total enrollment of 241 pupils.  Among these students are 60 transfers from eleven school districts.  We have two out of state pupils.  One girl, Eleanor Ricketts, who is in the ninth grade, came here from Louisiana, and in the tenth grade is Pearl Strawn, who comes from Tecumseh, Oklahoma.



Corrections in “Double V” Staff


     In the paper last week in the staff it was printed that Jack Highfill was a paper folder and that Bill Allman was a printer.  We want to correct this error.  Jack Highfill is a printer and Bill

Allmann a paper folder.



Another Field Trip


     The seventh grade pupils seemed to have developed a manic for old cemeteries.  We sometimes wonder if they are communing with the dead in their efforts to work out the unit in Valley View history.  At any rate they are making an excursion to the old cemetery west of the McCubbin farm.  They expect to find some information on the old grave stones.



Grade News


     The first and second grades have been studying fruits.  The pupils [?] pictures of the fruits and then made a booklet of them.

     The third grade is studying trees and leaves.  They have learned [?ed] the autumn colors and are learning an autumn song.  They have made some very interesting posters of leaves.

     The first, second and third grades will use ditto sheets in arithmetic and language instead of individual booklets.

     The fifth and sixth grades are studying music.  They are learning the different parts of music.  The pupils are very interested in this new subject.

     The seventh grade is studying a unit on the history of Valley View.

     Marvin Rauschuber has enrolled in the fourth grade.  Chester Craw[?] has also enrolled in Mrs. McCollum’s room.



High School Items


     The Home Ec. I girls are studying the classification of foods.

     In Home Ec. II the girls are studying the preservation of foods.  They will do some canning soon.

     Mildred Rose has enrolled in the eleventh grade.  Eleanor Rickets has enrolled in the ninth, and Pearl Strawn in the tenth.


     Work books have been ordered for all the classes in high school history.  The History I class has finished Unit II in their work books and taken the test.  Several hundreds were made on the test.

     Work books have been ordered for all the high school English classes and are expected to be here in a day or two.