Vol. V              The Valley View High School   December 19, 1935                 No. 14





    The first number on the program was two songs “Red Sails in the Sunset” and “You Are My Lucky Star”, sung by Avon Williams, Wallace Godwin sang “What’s the Reason I’m Not Pleasin’ You?” accompanied by Earlyne Lowe at the piano.

    The football boys who lettered this year and their coach, Mr. Brown, were presented sweaters this morning.  Each one of the boys and Mr. Brown signed the following pledge:

    “In accepting this honor sweater from the Valley View High School, I pledge my earnest endeavors to so conduct myself at all times as to reflect credit upon the school.  If at anytime I should so far forget this pledge as to bring discredit upon the school, I promise to return at once this sweater to the school authorities,”


    Each boy and Mr. Brown were presented their sweaters after signing this pledge.  The new captains for next year were announced.  They are Jack Highfill and Harley Lark.

    Announcements were made which completed the program.




    The Valley View basket ball team played the Denton B string team at Denton last night.  Valley View won with the score 26 to 12.  Our players were: Cleo Butts, Potts, Ward, Maddox, Leo Roane, Orville Roane, Wallace Godwin, and Albert Willis.

    Our team also played Denton’s A string and were defeated, the score being 18 to 8.


[Note:  There is a cutout made on this issue of the Double V.] NLN






    The Valley View “Eagles” played the Era team at Era Thursday afternoon.  Era defeated Valley View 36-24.  The boys are not discouraged over this game, because they beat Krum last Wednesday night at Denton.  They will play Denton at Denton Wednesday afternoon at five o’clock.






    A program will be given Thursday night in the high school auditorium by the grammar grades and the high school.  This program will be made up of songs, drills, and plays.  The program is under the direction of Miss Williams.  The price of admission is 10 cents to all.  Everyone is invited to attend.




 Howdy folks,

     This is the last time the dictator will get to remind you that Christmas is drawing near.  It is [cutout area] NLN


….good wishes and make gifts to friends.

    Some make Christmas a time for carousing and wantonness; others try to do good to all men.  To which class do you belong?  Here is the dictator’s letter to Santa;

Dear Santa,

    I want you to visit all the needy and the widows and orphans.  Make them happy with sufficient food and clothing.  I will do without in order to make some needy family happy.


                                   The Dictator




    This is Marse Anderson wishing every reader of this column a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

    One of the girls has postponed her wedding date for awhile. 




Did you know that

    Skeeter has been very lonely the days he has been absent?

   Laverne has been very noisy in the study hall?

    Marse doesn’t like Jack Highfill?

    S.T. brought Willie Pearl to the banquet?

    Dick brought a blond to the banquet? (Watch him, Skeeter.)

    When about five boys jumped up to the widow Tuesday afternoon.  Frances said, “Sit down, boys”. 

    S.T. said, “There’s a blind many out there feeling to see if he has a flat.

Tongue Twisters


Why don’t

    1.  The teachers try to teach the tops to tap?

    2.  The senseless seniors say something smart sometime soon?

    3.  The frisky freshmen follow fame frequently?

    4.  jumoing jubilant juniors juggle junk?

    5.  The solemn sophomores solve some sums sometimes?


    If you want to be a well informed Valley Viewite.

    1.  Ask Laverne why she couldn’t play volley ball.

    2.  Ask Frances why she thinks some girls are mean.

    3.  Ask Earlyne why she likes Dale so well.

    4.  Ask Mildred Rose why she didn’t come to the banquet. (You may ask Roy P.)

    5.  Ask Albert why he was kicked on the shin.

    6.  Ask Randall who that Ignorant Hill girl is that he was with at the banquet.


    The joke editor along with the rest of the staff wishes you a very merry Christmas.



    Issued each week by the students of Valley View High School

The Staff

Editor-in-chief ------------>      Gladys Mae Idell

Associate Editor --------- Rita Mae McCuistion

                                      Willie Pearl Wilkerson

Staff Artist ------------------      Earlyne Lowe

Joke Editor -------------------   Maxine Turner

Sports Editor -----------------  Yvonne Lowery

Grade News Editor --------- Billye Sue Hunter

Printers --------------- ------- W. N. Davis

                                              Clyde Davis


Paper Folders ----------------- Dick Lowe

                                             Willard White

Circulation Managers ----------

     School --------------------- Nell Highfill

     Local --------------------------- Ora Maddox



    Nineteen centuries ago in the little town of Bethlehem, a babe was born to parents who could find no room in the inn that day.  The only bed which they could procure was a manger.  Here the Christ Child lay wrapped in swaddling clothes.

    In the sky appeared a star which guided the shepherds and wise men to where the young child lay.  These men brought rich gifts and laid them before Jesus.

    We now celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Christ.  We cannot literally lay gifts at His feet as did the shepherds and wise men of old, but we can give gifts to the poor and needy – remembering His words, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me.”


    The “Double V” staff thanks you for your hearty cooperation in the past.

    And we earnestly hope this cooperation may last.

    To each of you we extend the heartiest Christmas good wishes and cheer.

    May the richest of blessings be yours throughout the coming year.






    The Valley View Eagles met the Krum Kats in a basket ball game at Denton last week.  The boys played a fast and interesting game.  The Eagles defeated the Kats by a score of 23 – 22.  The Eagle lineup was as follows:  Cleo Butts, center; Pete Maddox, L.F.; Leo Roane, R.F.; Jack Ward, R.G.; and Lorn Anderson L.G.

    The second string teams played also.  Our second team lost in a 20 – 12 score.

    Our team played the Era team at Era last Thursday.  This game was very interesting.  Both teams played good ball.  We were defeated by the score of 36 – 24.

    The Eagles went to Denton Wednesday night for a game with the Denton Scrubs.


    Still our girls play good volley ball.  The senior team and their coach, Miss Callie Miller, have accepted an invitation to attend a tournament at Ringgold, January thirty first.  Here’s hoping our girls win first place.


    The football banquet went over with a bang!  Friday night.  There were about eighty people present.  We’re planning to have even a greater number present at next year’s football banquet.




    The high school Christmas tree will be in the auditorium at one o’clock Friday afternoon.  A program is being arranged for the occasion and will be in charge of Marse Anderson.  Anyone who wishes to attend the program is cordially invited to do so.




    Be sure and see the Christmas program that is being sponsored by the school and directed by Miss Williams tonight in the school auditorium.  The admission is 10 cents to everyone.  A good program of Christmas songs, readings, and pageants is assured. 




    The Double V staff wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


    Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Gregg entertained the teachers Tuesday evening at dinner.


    Miss Mattie Trickey, home economics supervisor, visited the home economics department Monday.


    The senior class rings arrived Monday.  These rings were designed especially for Valley View by the L. G. Balfour Co., Dallas, Texas.


    School will be dismissed Friday, December 20 and resumed again Monday, December 30.


    Miss Williams is back this week after being out a few days last week on account of illness.


    The fifth and sixth grades, Miss Williams room, received the P. T. A. treat in the grammar grades for having the most mothers present at P. T. A.


    The ninth grade received the P. T. A. treat in high school for having the most mothers present at the P. T. A.




    The room mothers, Mrs. Idell, Mrs. Solomon, Mrs. Hancock, and Mrs. Lane gave the seniors a treat this morning.  The treat was in the form of oranges, apples, cookies, nuts, etc.  There was a lovely Christmas card to sponsors and class from Mrs. Lane, also.




    The grades are working on the Christmas program which is to be presented in the school auditorium Thursday night, December, 19.  Admission is ten cents.


    Mesdames Artie Janous[?] and Bradford were visitors in Miss McCubbin’s room last Tuesday.


    Mr. Ed Knight brought an East Texas pine tree for the primary grades.


    Two pupils have withdrawn from the second grade.—Betty Crawford, Ardmore, and Betty Jean McCuistion, Whitewright.


    The flower in Miss Kathryn’s room is blooming.  This flower was presented by Mrs. Polk.


    The primary grades will have their tree and program Friday afternoon in Miss McCubbin’s room.


    The fourth and fifth grades have their Christmas tree up.  They are making decorations for their room.


    The Music Club in Miss Williams room has elected new officers.  They are as follows;  Opal Browning, president; Mildred Lowery, vice-president; Jo Jean McCubbin, secretary; Mary
Alice Lowe, song leader; Jimmy Lou Harris, treasurer.


    Mrs. Gregg taught in Miss Williams place during the latter’s illness.


    The sixth grade won the P. T. A. treat last week.  Mesdames Gregg and Sparkman presented the room with a beautiful picture.  They also served apples.


    The following pupils have withdrawn from school and moved away this week;  Roy and Freddie McCuistion will go to Whitewright; Lenora Maughan will go to Slidell, Vinson and Dwight Speake will go to Gainesville.