Susan Hughes is the new District Clerk for the 235th District of Cooke County.
Photo by Pamela Robinson

January 11, 2011

Cooke County Spotlight: Hughes takes place as new district clerk
By PAMELA ROBINSON, Register Staff Writer Gainesville Daily Register   

Cooke County — During the 2010 election, Susan Hughes was elected as the new Cooke County district clerk,
235th Judicial District.

The swearing in ceremony for the newly elected officials for Cooke County took place on Jan. 1 and Judge Sue
Walker, Second Court of Appeals judge out of Fort Worth, did the swearing in at the Gainesville Civic Center.

“It was exciting,” Hughes noted of the ceremony, “It was kind of cool.”

She did feel kind of relieved when the swearing in was over.

“I’ve been building up to that, so once that got here and that was done, it was a relief,” she said. “But then, all of
a sudden I thought ‘oh gosh, I’m the boss.’”

The district office has been Hughes’ work place for 22 years, but since Jan. 1 things have changed.

“People are now walking in asking to speak to Susan Hughes the District Clerk,” she noted. “It really hasn’t sunk
in good yet I guess.”

Her immediate responsibilities will also include training the two new deputies filling vacant positions in the office,
one to replace her position and one to replace a recently vacated position.

Hughes is moving into the office held for the past 16 years by Pat Payne, who recently retired.

“It wasn’t anything for me, because I filed, I didn’t have an opponent which was a blessing so I didn’t have that
stress this first time,” she said of running as an elected official.

It is quite a process though to become an elected official, she noted.

During the process she would worry if she had gone everywhere and talked to everybody as required.

“All the things that you have to do to the point of election and all the reports you have to file that you never knew
you had to do...all of a sudden you get phone calls of everything you’re supposed to do or have to be done
before you can be sworn in,” Hughes said.

She said requirements included getting a bond and taking the oath of office. Everything has to be done and
ready to go to commissioners’ court and have everything approved before being sworn in.

“You just don’t know the process until you’ve been there,” she noted. “Some of the things are still a big shock.”

Born in Valley View, raised in Valley View and graduated from Valley View High School, Hughes lived there until
her father sold the family dairy and they moved to Rosston.

Then she and her little sister decided to rebel.

“We just decided it was time for us to leave home,” she noted of leaving the area for awhile. Then she moved to

She met and married her husband David, who was born and raised in Gainesville. They have two sons, Thomas
and William, who are in college.

While she hasn’t had much time for hobbies lately, her family does go camping and fishing for bass once in
awhile, usually now at Lake Ray Roberts.

“I’m still involved in Relay for Life. I’ve been involved with that since my dad passed away with cancer,” she said.

She is a member and they do the relay every year in April in partnership with the American Cancer Relay for Life.

Her husband and family weathered the election well, she said.

“That’s a blessing, not having an opponent, because I’ve seen the stress that goes on when you have an
opponent,” she added.

Sometimes there is pressure still, like when she thinks that everything is her responsibility now.

“There’s nobody else to blame,” she said jokingly. “But, I’m moving forward with the job.”