1120/08, 1) Corrected Brick Order Form and posted.  2) Updated KVVB Invitation Letter to present
time and added current officers. 3) Added KVVB Officers List..  4) Updated X&R Award List for the
2008 receipant.
11/16/08  Problem with website, Image of Tree, Texas Flag not displayed.  Also the main cemetery file
will not come up.  Note: cemetery main file has .mht format
11/17/08  Removed all images that are not showing.  Reformated the primary index page.
11/18/08 Discovered from the geocities blog the problems are with the service and not my site.  
There is some angry people.  E-mail for help.  Received a canned response.
11/19/08 Website back working.  Put Tree, Texas Flag back on website.  Also put a picture of a
Eagle in the VVISD school area.  Completed a survey from geocities about their service.
11/1/08  Added Calendar of Events to index page.
10/25/08  Removed the music from website on advise of associates with TxGenWeb Project.  The
music interferes with tools used by people that are visual impaired, etc.  It also slows the index page
coming up for people still on dial-up.
11/22/08  Made index page wider and added column seperation.  Total 3 columns
11/24/08  Added V.V. City Officials to website.
12/01/08  Added a search engine to website.  Spidered weekly.
12/11/08  Removed Historical Marker and Square Schedule.
12/15/08  Added Historical Marker and Square Dedication link.
12/18/08  Added Guest Book
12/31/08  Added Aerial View of Valley View to index page.  . Photo courtesy of Bill Maughan.
1/3/09  Added 2 pages of parade pictures
1/4/09  Added Texas Flag courtesy of 3DFlags.com
Ref: 1
Ref. 2
Reference Information Only
1/11/09  Added 2 links of aerial pictures of Valley View.
1/29/09  Added 2006 Football Queen & King.
2/6/09  Reformat index page, added population number. Also added link to 2008 Governors Award Winners.
2/9/09 Updated Cemetery Files - Main, Sort and Veterans files, updated council member, Roane.
2/13/09  Added Death Certificate to Family Page of Judge J. Marvin Jones
2/14/09 Added "Thrilling Indian Raids into Cooke and Montague Counties"
2/18/09 Added Indian Raids (Cooke History)
3/3/09  Added - Cemeteries of Texas link.
3/9/09 Added Trash Off & Hazardous Waste events.
3/11/09  Added Hudspeth citizen of the year  & Ritchey man of the year.
3/12/09  Turbo enters Veterinary Animal Hall of Fame
3/15/09 Added Cooke County Historical Markers Link
3/23/09  Added 2009 Governor's Community Achievement Award information and updeate to index page.
4/9/09  Added 2009 KVVB Activities link and developed index, updated calendar, removed some outdated links.
4/10/09 Updated Calendar, KTB Annual Meeting
4/13/09  Developed Arbor Day Poster
6/15/09 Add Keep Texas Beautiful Icon, update calendar and moved completed functions to KVVB Activities 2009
6/18/09  Added annoucement about geocities closing by the end of year.
10/31/09, changed server from geocities to webhosting.
11-15-09 thru. 1-15-2010, relinks to website.  Lost over 50% of links when changed servers.  Poor service by yahoo support.
4/11/10  Removed X&R Banquet, Donkey Ballgame
8/11/10 Removed "Our Elusive Ancestor" and Texas Trails from index page.  Added Settlers Day information.

8/19/10 Added link to Vendor Application Form for Settler Day - 2010
8/27/10 Added Friday Night Central - 2010 Football Season
9/2/10, Permission from Darin Alride GDR to use Football Articles.  Added Valley View Games throughout the season..
9/14/10  Updated Football Quen & King 2010
10/17/10  Update Main Cemetery List and published to TXGenWeb Project Cooke County.
10/19/2010  Added story of Secret Service Agent recalls JFK shot in Dallas
11/25/10  Added story on Era, Texas
12/13/2010  Added personal page information
1/10/11 Added Centennial Book split in half