An election was held on June 7, 1902 to see if the Valley View citizens of the
Valley View Common School district No. 42 were in favor of incorporating.  
When the ballots were counted 61 were for  incorporating and one was
against.  Therefore the County Judge of Cooke County declared the newly
formed school district be named "Valley View Independent District."   An
election was held the same day voting $10,000 of bonds to build a new school
building which was completed in 1903.  This school building which was
located north of the town square served the community until it was razed in
1938 when another school was built at the south part of town where the
school campus is still located today.

The first graduating class was in 1907.  Prior to that time the students just
quit when they completed the work the school offered.

Norman L. Newton
December 16, 2007