Large Monuments


     I thought it worthwhile to record these three monuments.


 Monument in Section 4


WELLS, Jasper B.   Born:     4-22-1844

                                        Died:     12-6-1934




"To the memory of Jasper B. WELLS and family.

Sue T. GILLUM WELLS, born Aug. 13, 1853, in Lincoln Co. Mo.

Jasper B. WELLS, born Apr. 22, 1844 in Barren Co. Ky.

     Joined 11th Texas Conf. Cal. 1861.  First fight with Indian

where about 500 were killed.  Secondfight, Elk Horn Arkansas

where General McCULLOCH and General McINTOSH were killed.  Was

with 8,000 Texans who fought Bull NELSON's Army of 12,000 men

at Richmond, Ky. (as to results see history).  Was in battle

of Murpreesboro where about 300 men were killed and wounded.

Fought in the bloody fighting about Chattanooga.  Held trenches

at Kenasaw Mt, Ga.  Fought in front of Atlanta; fought BURNSIDE

at Knoxville; fought and skirmished with SHERMAN's army at

Savannah and from there to Raleigh, N.C.  War ended.  Started

to Texas with broken leg and bullet hole through hand.  Married

Miss Sue GILLUM in Lincoln Co, Mo. March 29, 1871; taught

school near Bonham, Tex in 1871; bought land in Cooke County

in 1872"






Monument in Section 10


RITCHEY, David Alan     Born:     8-5-1965

                                        Died:     6-27-1982


                   "OUR DAVID"


     God lent us a grandson for a Few short years.

     To Love, and cherish, and hold so dear.

     But he came one day and called him away

     to a home in heaven, with him to stay.

     We took such pride in watching him grow

     to young manhood, and we loved him so.

     When God called him home, we just couldn't see

     Why our grandson it had to be;

     His life was so full of sunshine and joy

     which he shared with others, though he was only a boy.

     He brightened our lives and we miss him so,

     it broke our hearts to see him go.

     No one knows as time passes on

     how many grandsons may bless our Home.

     But not one can ever take our David's place

     with his sparkling eyes and his smiling face.

     God, when you plucked that bud and carried it on high

     to bloom and shine like a star in the sky,

     you must have needed him there more than we did here,

     but thank you, God, for those few short years.


                                       Grandma Stroup




Monument in Section 11



                    "LOVED AND REMEMBERED"


                    THACKERVILLE, OKLAHOMA