A major goal of Keep Valley View Beautiful will soon be fulfilled. It began with a vision in 2008 to have
a pavilion built on our beautiful town square. We were very fortunate to kick off this process with Kelley
Ready-Mix making the generous contribution to build the 20X30 foot slab for us. For the past three years
we have had many fund raisers, sold inscribed bricks for the purpose to raise funds for the construction
of the pavilion. During this time we made decisions how we wanted it to look and Isbell Engineering of
Sanger took our ideas and contributed the construction plans. These plans included the eight corner
columns which would be stoned about four foot up to match the stone columns we have currently on three
corners of our town square.

   The construction began on November 15 and I expect we will see the pavilion completed shortly after
Thanksgiving, 2011.

Norman L. Newton,
KVVB President