[The Gainesville Daily Register was kind enough to furnish me with the

story printed last Friday, December 14, 2007.  This story is about the sale

of inscribed brick that will be on the new square when it is completed.  Any

corrections or comments made by me are placed in brackets and placed in italic.] NLN


KVVB to sell bricks to fund pavilion

Gainesville Daily Register
Friday, Dec. 14, 2007

Staff report

VALLEY VIEW - A local beautification committee hopes to raise money for a
pavilion to accompany a downtown renewal effort.

The idea is to sell brick pavers to both memorialize town settlers and
anyone else who would like to invest in the future of the town of roughly
800 people in southern Cooke County.

Keep Valley View Beautiful (KVVB) won the 2006 Governor’s Community
Achievement Award of $60,000, and the committee selected to use this money
for the rebuilding of the town square, which is scheduled to begin in spring
2008, with the permission of the city of Valley View.

A pavilion was part of the original plans for the square renovation project,
but there were only enough funds for a 20-foot by 30-foot concrete platform.
Kelley Ready Mix, located east of Valley View, agreed to provide the cement
for the platform. But to gather enough revenue for the entire pavilion, KVVB
decided to sale brick pavers as a fund raiser. (It is not the Register¹s
policy to include sale prices in editorial content.)

[Kelley Ready Mix is not only providing the cement but also the labor for the forms, etc.] NLN

Norman Newton, a Keep Valley View Beautiful member and a native of the town,
said the engraved brick pavers from the Acme Brick Co. would be placed in
one of two areas ‹ a brick pathway through the square in which anyone may
purchase a brick to remember a loved one or honor a living person or
organization, and another in a special area just for families which settled
Valley View prior to 1900.  [This should say 1900 and before.] NLN

We’re going to honor in a special way the families who settled Valley
Newton said.

He said bricks containing the names of families and individuals who settled
Valley View prior to the turn of the century would be placed around site of
what will be Valley View¹s first state historical marker. Near the marker
the steps from the old 1902 school will be placed. The school was located
north of the square and was tore down in 1938.

[The school was approved by the voters in 1902 and building completed in 1903.

It was razed in 1938 when the school was built in the south part of town. 

The first graduating class from the new school was the Class of 1939.]  NLN

The names on both sets of bricks will be engraved in Vermarco, a font
reminiscent of the art deco movement of the 1920s-30s, which was the style
during the time the current Valley View square was built.

[The town square was constructed  in 1919.]  NLN

This way, we have the opportunity to remember not only the families that
helped to form Valley View, but also our loved ones today,” Newton said.
This is not just for families, but for businesses, organizations, civic
clubs and even graduating classes.”

Newton said he and his wife Perlene are purchasing a brick to honor the
Valley View High School Class of 1967.

[Yep, that is correct.  Go Big Green!] NLN

From a historical viewpoint, the recording of families by name upon these
bricks will provide a wonderful and vital record for everyone to enjoy now
and in the years to come,” KVVB wrote in a flyer for the program. ...

Please join us as we experience together exciting times in the life of our

For information on the program, or to inquire about purchasing a brick, call
Newton at 726-3414 or by e-mail at normannewton@yahoo.com.

On the Net:
For a diagram of the square plans, see Newton¹s home page at

Source: Gainesville Daily Register online: www.gainesvilleregister.com


[The price of the 4”X8” brick is $50.00.  As explained in the information on my

 website there can be 4 lines with each line having a maximum of 15 spaces.]  NLN