John Baxter (J.B.) and Celia Ann Masten

John Baxter (J.B.) Masten was born on July 2, 1846 in Tennessee, probably near Nashville.  He
was the oldest son of
Wyle B. and Elizabeth Britton Masten.  J.B.'s early years were spent in
Tennessee, but the family moved to Dade County, Missouri where he met, courted, and married
Celia Ann Spain on May 23, 1869 in Lockwood, Missouri.  Celia Ann was the daughter of Lewis
and Martha Penn Spain. She was born on September 19, 1849 in Dade County, and grew up
during the Civil War.  Three of her brothers served in the Confederate forces.  Life in Missouri was
extremely dangerous during that time.  In early, 1862, Union forces drove the Confederate troops
out of Missouri, at which time pro-Confederate
bushwhackers began a guerrilla war against the
Union forces.  The bushwhackers also attacked civilians they suspected might support the Union.
Conditions were clearly out of control, and people were killed independent of their beliefs about
slavery or any other issue of the war.  One of the most ruthless massacres of the Civil War occurred
near Centralia, Missouri - where the famous outlaw Jesse James was reported to be part of the
bushwhackers.  In view of the situation, Celia's father moved the family from Missouri to Paris,
Texas when she was 13.  However they moved back to Dade County as soon as the war ended.
John Baxter (J.B.) Masten
Celia Ann (Spain) Masten
J. B. and Celia Ann Masten were the parents of fifteen children.

Gillar (8/29/1870 - 8/6/1951), who married John Henard
Thomas Jeffereson (1/3/1872 - 10/12/1951), who married Mamie Neislar
Minnie (4/3/1873 - 5/11/1966), who married Jim Sluder
Viola Mae (9/1/1874 - 7/26/1955), who married Welcome Gower
Lewis (1/23/1876 - 9/19/1970), who married Bertha Holder
Wiley (9/11/1877 - 1963), who married Laura Jane LeGear
Jesse E. (12/10/1878 - 1/25/1966), who married Mary Elizabeth Brewer
Clinton (Clint) (3/10/1880 - 3/27/1966), who married to Lou Ella Wiggs
Perry (8/25/1881 - 10/5/1947), who married Mittie Pearl Wheeler
Monroe (12/10/1882 - 11/16/1970), who married Nannie Steadman
Henry (8/4/1884 - 12/21/1941), who married Claudia Brooks
Arthur (2/18/1886 - August, 1969), who married (1) Mary Snell and (2) Norma Chapman
Buddy (10/10/1887 - 9/2/1888), died while less than one year old
Johnie (3/17/1889 - 1931), who married Fannie Stinson
Leona (9/13/1890 - 4/25/1963), who married Dupree Clampitt
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