January 20, 2010



Dear Neighbors,

Keep Valley View Beautiful would like to invite you to join us as a member to help support and accomplish our mission to educate and encourage all citizens to take responsibility to improve the beautification and environment of Valley View and the surrounding areas.


We have been in existence since October of 2004.Since that time, we have accomplished a wide range of projects that we are proud of.We are perhaps most proud of having won the 2006 & 2009 Governorís Community Achievement Award of $60,000.The KVVB committee selected to use this money for the rebuilding of the town square (park area) which was accomplished in July, 2008. With the 2009 Award we will be using the money to do additional enhancements to the town square and other improvements to that area. ††We are also very proud of obtaining the first historical marker for Valley View.This marker is placed on the town square for all to see.In addition at present the 2006 Governorís Award Plaque is displayed.


Other projects that have occurred are the participation and educating of the students of the VVISD.Activities are:Can recycling, Litter Prevention, an Environmental Fair, learning about Butterfly Gardening, planting a Rose Garden, planting trees at the City Park, Garden Design and implementation at the Middle School building, classroom Composting, tours at the Environmental Center, Wastewater Treatment Center at Frisco Central Park, youth painting at the VVISD playground and at the Town Square, Ecofest at VVISD and the downtown Square, Christmas on the Square and a Parade with Santa, City-Wide Trash-Off/Clean-up curb service, Yard of the Month and a Cigarette Butt Litter Prevention campaign.


With your help and involvement our goals for the future of Valley View can continue.One of the immediate goals is to build a pavilion on top of the 20í X 30í concrete slab that is now built because of a generous donation to us from Kelley Ready-Mix of Valley View.


We need funds to build the pavilion.As a fund-raiser for this project we have sold bricks that can be inscribed to honor your family whether it be those living now or the memory of loved ones who have passed on.†† These bricks have been laid in the appropriate areas on the new square.From a historical viewpoint, the recording of families by name upon these bricks will provide a wonderful and vital record for everyone to enjoy now and in the years to come. More details about this program can be found on another link.


We hope that we have enlightened you with 'What's Been Going On' with Keep Valley View Beautiful.We encourage you to be a part of KVVB and hope that our mission to educate and encourage all citizens will be part of your mission as well.Please join us as we experience together exciting times in the life of our community.If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate calling or e-mailing any KVVB officer.




Best regards,




Norman L. Newton, President†† †††940 726-3414††††††† normannewton@yahoo.com


Rita Parker, Vice President†††† †††† 940 726-5782†††††††† jtparker@ntin.net


Gail Roane, Secretary / Treasurer940 726-3975††††† gailroane@yahoo.com



Valley View History Website:UNDER THE SHADE TREE ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††http://valleyview1872.com/