Historical Sketch – Valley View, Texas
Written by Norman L. Newton , 1998
Revised, March 21, 2006

    In 1870 seven families from Missouri came to settle in the southern part of Cooke County, 10 miles south
of Gainesville.  These families were Captain L. W. Lee, D.A. Jones, Gilbert French, Richard McCubbin,
Andrew Hill, Joseph Reavis and William Obuch.   This party of Missourians was led by Captain Lee.  The
party coming from Missouri had first stopped at Sherman in the fall of 1869 to winter there.  Then the Lee
family left their party and came on ahead to this location by ox cart arriving on February 1, 1870 with the
others to soon follow.  Captain Lee and Mrs. Lee are considered the founders of Valley View.   A little known
fact is that Mrs. Lee gave birth to a son, Perry, shortly after arriving on February 27, 1870.

    The birth of the town two years later came as a result of these early pioneers having to travel to
Gainesville for all their provisions, mail, plows sharpened and the education of their children.  Sometimes it
would rain causing Elm Creek to rise and being there were no bridges the pioneers couldn't obtain the
needed provisions or even retrieve their school children.  Mrs. Lee told her husband, Capt. Lee, that she
couldn't stand that, and he responded, "We would have to build a town of our own".   Mrs. Lee then told him
"alright" and he went to work.  Capt. Lee asked William Obuch for help, as he was a skilled surveyor and
penman.  Mr. Obuch drew the blue print for laying out and naming the original streets.  Captain Lee gave
every man who would come to the town a lot if they would build a house and paint it white.  Mrs. Lee gave the
town its name Valley View because of the pretty view looking west toward the valley on Spring Creek.  

    Valley View officially became a town on March 26, 1872 with the establishment of a Post Office.  Mrs. Lee
remarked when the town was about 10 years old, "It was the prettiest, whitest little town I ever saw."

    The town would suffer several devastating fires through the years, but would always rebound back due to
the caring spirit of its townspeople. The town voted to incorporate in 1979. The town is served by a mayor
and 5 aldermen.

    The Valley View Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1997 to promote the attributes this area offers.

Points to be proud of:

Churches - United Methodist, First Baptist, Church of Christ, St. Johns Catholic, Christian Gathering.  
(In order of formation)

School System Rated EXEMPLARY, this is the highest rating given by the Texas Education Agency.

John Marvin Jones, Son of Horace King and Theodocia Jones, born on 2-26-1882 in Valley View.  
Marvin being raised on his parents wheat and cotton farm grew up with strong agrarian roots and a taste for
Democratic politics.  Marvin is considered to be Cooke County's most distinguished native son.  He was
elected to Congress in 1916 representing 47 counties including Cooke and served continuously until 1940,
when he was appointed to the court of claims by President Roosevelt.  Because of his knowledge of farm and
food problems and his standing as a jurist, Judge Jones was named to preside at the International Food
Conference at Hot Springs, Virginia, in 1943.  His appointment as War Food Administrator followed soon
afterward. After V-J Day in 1945, Judge Jones returned to the court of claims and in July, 1947, was
confirmed as Chief Justice of the United States court of claims.  He was noted for being a friend of agriculture
throughout his life.  The J. Marvin Jones Federal Building at Amarillo serves as a reminder of his dedicated
service and contributions toward the betterment of our country.

First Cattlemen's Organization - cattlemen of North Texas were plagued by cattle thieves.  The first
Cattlemen's Organization to combat them was started in Valley View about 1875 by Harvey Hulen, L. W. Lee,
William Obuch, Capt. A. T. Ball, Charles S. Newton and others.  This organization was the forerunner of the
Texas Cattle Raisers Association, which was formed in Graham, February 15, 1887.

    Today with a population of  *737 Valley View is a quiet town with its townspeople offering a friendly warm
welcome to all who come to live or visit.   We are proud of the foundation our forefathers laid before us, as
well as our contribution to Cooke County's interesting history.

    We are proud to call Valley View HOME.

* 2000 census