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 Ava Myrtle was educated in Trinity University.  Her health broke preventing her from graduating -
went to Milan, MO. for a three months visit with relatives of her mothers.  Returning she was married
to Forest E. Page - a prosperous drygoods merchant - on Aug. 29th 1900.  To this union two sons
were born - Charles Robert and Joe Pascal.  Robert is married - has a devoted wife and a lovely
home in the town of San Bernardino, California.  Joe Pascal is a Dentist - received his training and
graduation from U. S. C., California. He too is located in San Bernardino with a nice business.  Their
parents moved from Tex. in the year of 1911 - have a lovely home and friends.  Thier doors are open
to all who come to visit.  Mr. Page has a good business - Banker or Broker.
 Richard Pascal, born Nov 1st 1882, who carries the family name, was educated also in Trinity
Universtiy of Waxachachie.  You will note three of our children attended the same school of the
Father.  Richard was a
Brilliant student, being a natural mathematician.  At the age of five yrs he could
solve problems in his mind that was a wonder to all.  Later in life he composed books on mathematics
- one was copyrighted - the year of 1915.  He and his Father organized the First National Bank of
Valley View, Tex. - owning a controling interest - is still in a good financial standing.  One June 12th

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he  was married to Miss Bessie A Ruby of Gainesville, Tex., a beautiful young woman, intelligent and
much loved by all who know her.  She was the older daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ruby.  Same
date of marriage they left on the Santa Fe for Havana, Cuba, where Richard had a position with the
Medlin Milling Co, owned by parties from Ft. Worth, Tex.  During this time trouble came between
the U. S. A. and Cuba, closing out the business.  They returned to Gainesville, Tex. to make their
 On April 25th 1908 Richard Pascal was born.  There was
much rejoicing over a son - for we knew
he would be the one to carry the Head name.  Five years later on June 12th 1913 Hayden Amelia
was born - this date being the seventh wedding anniversary of the parents.  In the year 1921 they
moved to Colton, California - where Richard was connected with the Robbins Wholesale Co - had a
beautiful home on LaCadena Drive - where they lived until his health broke and on June 12th 1926 he
passed away to his Heavenly Home - surrounded by scores of friends and loved ones.  His passing
was on their 19th wedding anniversary and Haydey Amelias thirteenth birthday.
 Richard the third R. P. graduated from Colton High School - later attended U. S. C.  He decided to
cross the great sea - making on trip to Manchester and Liverpool.  Returning he went to Genva, Italy
on same ship as before - was delighted with the country.  Returning he came to make his home with
his Grand Mother Head.  On Jan 23rd 1941 he was married to Miss Elsie Iola Johnstone - have a
lovely home on North D. St., San Bernardino - a home where happiness seems supreme.  He holds a
position with the Ford Co where he has been for the past 12 yrs - a record not to be ashamed of.  I
am proud of him, as I am of all my Grandchildren, and often tell him to remember he must carry the
name.  He must make good and carry the name well.  I have no doubt in my mind of his disappointing
me.  I am looking forward to being a Great Grandmother this year 1941 - something I consider an
 Hayden Amelia is living in Honolulu, where she as a position in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  She is a
loveable character - being our first Granddaughter we miss her - far more than words can tell.  She is
interested in Aviation - looking forward to becoming an instructor or Pilot.  A grand-daughter to be
admired for her determination to forge to the front - and she will make a mark.  May God bless and
keep her.  Graduated from Colton High - also Hollywood High.
 And next comes our darling Elsie Elizabeth.  During her short life whe was a joy to us - a talented
musician - loved by all who kinew her - a favorite with her teachers in school and music - had a smile
for everyone with plenty of wit.  On the 6th of Dec. 1900 she was stricken with appendicitis - going
from us in the evening of Dec 10th - surrounded by friends and loved ones.
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A beautiful life had gone from us to the land of the beautiful - there to join others.  Her going was
almost more than we could endure.  It was God's will and we know all is well.  Had she lived would
have been sixteen yrs, the coming May 16th.
 Our youngest child, Zoe Wyona was born March 1st 1891.  She too was a joy to the entire family.  
After finishing her public school in Valley View, she too attended Trinity University - she being the
third one in our family to attend the school where their Father was educated.  Her ambition was to
become a musician.  She also studied in Dallas, Texas - at the Busch Consevatory.  Returning home
she taught for some time.  In the year of 1915 - on Oct 2nd - she was married to W. N. Vaughan.  
To them was born three darling children - Ida Elenora - on Aug 24th 1917, Myrtle Elisabeth - Dec
25th 1919, Walter Nolte Vaughan - Feb 12th 1919 - he being a native of California and boasts that
he is.  All their children have been educated in San Bernardino, finishing the High School course.  Ida
Elenore attended Junion College for two - graduated from there - taking a Commercial course -
secured a position in the High School in secretarial work, holding same position for the past five years
and elected for the 6th.   Myrtle Elisabeth attended Redlands U. for one year, then finished a three
year course in Santa Barbara State College finishing in Kindergarten and grade work - will begin
teaching this Sept.  Walter Nolte is now in Junior High - his future lies before him.  He is capable and
to some day will
make his mark.
In the year of 1920 we sold our beautiful home in Valley View, Tex. where we had lived for 49
years - coming to San Bernardino, Calif. - arriving on Oct 2nd.  At the same time Mr. Vaughan and
Zoe sold their lovely home in Gainesville, Tex.  Chartered two cars - loaded our household goods in
one- the other with new and used automobiles.  We first settled on 20th and E. Streets - later selling
our homes and building a community home on Marshall Blvd.  All went well for awhile.  Our Son
Richard Pascal after a lingering illness passed away on June 12, 1926.  A dearly loved Son - went to
live with his Father above.  Then on Sept 29th 1929 Robert Pascal Head, the dear husband and
Father, was called away from his family to live in a better world free from cares and trials.  Two
beautiful lifes went from us.  Home is not home anymore without them.
 A mystery ship set out to sea and took my loved ones away from me.  It seemeth such a little way to
the Beyond, not strange, for it has grown to be the Home of those who are so
dear to me - and so to
me there is no sting to death.  The grave has had its victory.  It is with my face set upward - A little
strip of sea;  There to find my loved ones, waiting for me - more beautiful - more precious than
before.         Mother
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