Old Hangman's Tree On Indian Creek still There


No doubt you have heard of old times in Cooke County  when cattle thieves were hung on the nearest tree, and there is standing today on Indian Creek a few miles west of this place, a tree that has held a dozen cattle rustlers.


The old tree is located in a lowland and stands out prominently from the other trees of the grove.  It carries today the name of Hangman's Tree and the strip of low woodland is referred to as Hangman's Grove.


The tree is a massive one standing a bit drooping and marked with mysterious cuttings and designs.  It is said by some that at night white, human looking objects have been seen running noiselessly to and fro in the darkness.  The old tree is one of, and if it could talk, could tell some startling stories.


In the spring birds build their nests in its boughs, and the wild flowers bloom underneath, and the tree itself is a mass of velvet greenery, but it still carries with it that grewsome name...



     The above article was taken from the VALLEY VIEW BEACON, April 25, 1941.  I had to take some liberty with editing due to the poor condition of the newspaper and possible missing text.


Norman L. Newton