WE WON ..............AGAIN!
I received a phone call from a lady with Keep Texas Beautiful on Friday, March
20, 2009.  She asked if we (Keep Valley View Beautiful) were planning to attend
the convention which will be held in Houston this year.  (I was caught off guard by
the question but assurred her that my wife and I for sure would be attending.  Then
she said, "Well what about for the
Governor's Community Achievement
.  At this time I realized she was hinting to me.

She said well since you and your wife are coming how about 827 more people from
Valley View coming?   I then knew we would be the winners of the 2009
Governor's Community Achievent Award for Category 1 population.
(Category 1:  Population less than 1,500)

So ............... the whole town of Valley View is invited.

The Keep Texas Beautiful Annual Conference is June 8-11, 2009, in Houston.  I
hope many of our towns people will be there when we receive the award on June

Regards, Norman L. Newton
President of Keep Valley View Beautiful
A list of all the 2009 Governor's Community Achievement Award Winners can be
seen at;