foreword …………….


            In 2000 arriving at the entrance to the private road leading to our family home I noticed some people looking at the two-story house that sits at this entrance of the intersection of Lee Street & Newton Lane in Valley View.  I stopped and offered if I could be of assistance.  This is how I met Joe Pascal Page.  He along with the others had located this house from an old family photo. 


            Many people that have lived in the Valley View area today for 30 or more years probably think of this two-story house on south Lee as the Jimmie Nichols House.  Myself I was already aware that an early day family by the name of Head had built the house.


            Sure enough Joe P. Page was a grandson of the R. P. Head’s.  At this time Joe, was in his early 90’s but appeared to be quite spry and in good health.  After some discussion we exchanged e-mail addresses and I looked forward to future correspondence.  The fruits of these correspondences are contained herein.


            I would like to make note that when many family histories were written in 1972 for the Valley View Centennial Book this family’s history was unknown to those of that time and was not recorded.  With these exception;

1)         Page 32 write up on, “The Perry’s”.  The last paragraph makes an incorrect statement saying that Charles E. Perry had an experience in bank management owned by Richard Head of Valley View.  This mistake was pointed out to me by Mr. Joe Page in our correspondence stating to me that Richard never owned a bank but it was owned by Richard’s father, Robert Pascal Head.

2)         Lastly an item that no one would probably notice:  Page 14 a picture of an, “Early Scene in Valley View” in the top middle of the picture can be viewed some writing on a store front.  Look closely and it says, R. P. HEAD.


            As you will read in the story to follow this early day family went through many trials, hardships and struggles that were probably similar in some respects to many family’s living in the area during the time period that is written about. 


            I have made the effort to transcribe as exact to the original as possible.  With that said I tried not to make any corrections in grammar either if I thought the intent is understandable.  It is after all their story to be told as they wish it to be and not mine.


            Note:  The first bank in Valley View was built by R. P. Head in 1903.  His son, Richard was a cashier.  I hope to add some pictures of this family and of the bank to the story in the future.  


It is a privilege for me to present their story.


Best regards,


Norman L. Newton