Historical Marker and Square Dedications
Photo: Courtesy of Karl Maughan
                                                      Valley View

In 1870, Captain L.W. Lee and his wife Mary Ann (Fryer) came from Missouri to a tall
grass prairie overlooking a valley. Several friends from Missouri soon arrived, and by
1872 the settlers founded the town of Valley View, platting streets and securing a post
office. A mill, gin and school were all quickly established. The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe
Railway arrived in 1886, and by 1890 the community also boasted a hotel, four churches
and a newspaper. Valley View schools incorporated in 1902, and by the following year
there was a brick schoolhouse, a bank and telephone service. Native son J. Marvin Jones
(1882-1976) served 59 years as U.S. Congressman and Federal Judge. The city of Valley
View incorporated in 1979.
The Historical Marker was unveiled by, Kathleen Bywaters, who is the
g-g-granddaughter of Captain L.W. & Mary Lee.   Also pictured is her
husband, Ban, who assisted her.
Verbiage on marker
Photo: Courtesy of David Clifton
Valley View Mayor, Carl Kemplin, gave the welcome and some history of his remembrance when his
family moved to Valley View in the early 1940's.   KVVB President, Norman L.Newton looking on.
Photo: Courtesy of Karl Maughan
Keep Valley View Beautiful President:  Norman L. Newton, gave talk on the history of Valley
Photo: Courtesy of David Clifton
The Boy Scout Color Guard raised the United States and Texas Flags.  Shown are in no
particular order are Austin French, James Moore and Hunter French.
Photo:  Courtesy of Nora (Newton) Wheeler
Pledge of Alegiance was led by Eagle Scout Parker Luke, Troop
Photo: Courtesy of Nora (Newton) Wheeler
The National Anthem was sang beautifully by Cindy (Hudspeth) Tilton and Tawni (Vowell)
Photo: Courtesy of Nora (Newton) Wheeler
Javier Gonzales a member of the 2006 KVVB Youth Board unveils the Governor's
Award Marker.
Photo:  Courtesy of Nora (Newton) Wheeler
Cooke County Historical Commission Chairman, Ron Melugin.  He passed out recognition
certificates to those who helped with obtaining the historical marker.  KVVB President, Norman L.
Newton looking on.
Bill Maughan at camera recording the event.
Photo: Courtesy of Nora (Newton) Wheeler
KVVB member, Perlene Newton, persented a talk on the success of receiving the
Governor's Community Achievement Award which was used to rebuild the town square.
Photo: Courtesy of Nora (Newton) Wheeler
Valley View Settler Area - Bricks of families who were here 1900 and before.
Gorham Family - living in southern Cooke County before 1850.
Lee Family - arrived from Missouri in 1870.
Obuch Family - arrived from Missouri in 1870.
Newton Family - arrived from Dallas area in 1872.
Fryer/Carson - 1874 - 1876
Stephenson Family - 1877
McCroskey Family - 1877