July 11, 2008
Southeast Corner:  The Settler Area was completed on 7-5-08.  This area is different than the
other corners in with there being 4 columns and railing extended back to the sidewalk.  In this
area will place the historical marker, front steps to the old school, etc.                   
Close up view of the Settler Area.  This area will have flowers someday and is piped for water.  
There is no water lines from the city to the square at present but we had the water lines layed in
the event we do have water available sometime in the future.  (Planning ahead!)
South sidewalkway.  First look of the finished sidewalks.  Both south corners are handicap
East side of square looking north.  Another look at the sidewalk.
July 11, 2008                                  "FINISHED"

It is our hope that everyone is PLEASED and very
PROUD of what was accomplished.

                          Your KEEP VALLEY VIEW BEAUTIFUL COMMITTEE.
All photo's on this page:  Norman L. Newton