June 24, 2008
We have been told by Mike Marcum (contractor) the square will be completed in about 2

There has been some really good progress since the last pictures were posted.  You will see the
outer sidewalks have been laid, the ramp to the pavilion completed, the new flag pole installed,
new picnic tables and work on the settler area is in work.
Northwest corner - shows the handicap access and the handicap ramp to get onto the
pavilion slab.                                                                        
Photo:  Norman L. Newton
View looking toward the northeast corner - the exsisting sod has been removed so new
grass can be planted.  Also shown is the new concrete picnic tables.       
Photo:  Norman L.
Picture of the new flag pole installed.
The southesast corner - The Settler Area work has continued.  This corner will be
different than either of the other corners.  This one will not only have the railings
between the columns that are shown but also will continue to columns built at the edge
of the sidewalks.
Photo:  Norman L. Newton
Southwest corner - showing handicap access and new sidewalk.  The sidewalk will
actually have a terra cotta color with the brick on each side of the sidewalk.  This
cannot be seen because there is a white perservative added.
Note:  Handicap access was required by TXDOT to be on both south corners because
they lead to a stop sign.                                                                
Photo:  Norman L.