Valley View Centennial Book pages 1-60
Valley View Centennial Book pages 61-113
            Valley View Centennial
October 28, 1972
 What a beautiful clear day it was when the community of Valley View, Texas came together to celebrate our towns
100th anniversary.  I am eternally gratefully to everyone that was involved with making this day of celebration a special
day in the life of our town.  As I view the names of people who served on various committees and the organizational
structure it is impressive how this group of regular townspeople and in their own right some leaders of the day joined
together to make it a memorable event that many of us today recall so well.

Our history is so interesting from its birth carried forth to the present day.  Those who worked on putting together a
collection of family histories, town events, church information and some memorable individuals are to be commended.  I
have attached the 113 pages which make up the "Valley View Centennial Book" split into two different files because of

I do wish to give a warning to the reader in regard to the contents recorded within its pages.  As will be acknowledged
by everyone that is a researcher and student of Valley View history I feel it would be agreed there is many errors that
was unintentionally submitted and recorded.  These errors are throughout this book and please be cautious of what you
will read.  If truly interested in Valley View history and you are new to research I would encourage you to only use this
book as a light reference at best and continue your research within the local libraries, courthouse records and numerous
other places.  Just do not consider what is written within this book as facts.  

All the family stories need to be worked on and corrections made.  Because of being aware of the errors it had
previously been my decision to not show the contents on the Valley View History Website.  I have now decided to go
ahead and give the reader the opportunity to read the stories and please just keep in mind my warning.  

The first family story in this book is of the Captain L. W. Lee family and it is fitting being this will be the primary
founding family of Valley View.   I hope to soon rewrite this story and will correct numerous errors that are recorded
about this families history.  

If anyone should ever have any questions concerning the contents are wish to make corrections please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Best regards,   Norman L. Newton   
Letter from the Whitehouse to the President of Centennial Committee.
Letter from President Nixon
Letter from Texas Governor Preston Smith