P.O. Box 366
Valley View, TX  76272
History of Valley View Cemetery - 1/21/10
Cemetery Board Annual Newsletter - 12/3/2010
Introduction and Instruction - 1/20/03
Main Cemetery List - 10/17/2010
Reference List - Cemetery List Sort By Last Name - 2/9/09
Monuments - 1/21/10
Field of Honor - List of Veterans who served in
War Between the States, World War 1 & 11,
Korea, Vietnam
Map of Valley View Cemetery Layout
with Section Numbers shown.
The Valley View cemetery is maintained entirely
by donations.  Without your generosity we could
not keep it maintained in a manner which we
hope you are pleased with.

The cemetery is served by a eight member
Board of Directors.  Each board member serves
a two year term and comes up for vote every
other year.  

The Board of Directors sends out an annual
letter each November or December with a ballot
enclosed to vote for four Directors of your choice
or a place for write-in candidates as you desire.

A list of the current board members serving you
can be found in the annual letter.

If you are not currently receiving an annual letter
and ballot please contact me and I will gladly add
you to the mailing list.  In addition should you
have a concern to voice please let me know.

Norman L.Newton