Written by Norman L. Newton

The actual date when the location that would become the Valley View Cemetery was first used for burials is unknown
at this time.  Previous writings about the cemetery have led the reader to believe it was started in 1890 by the
Masonic lodge due to the purchase of the property for the purpose of a public cemetery.   These writings even
mention the first burial was John C. Lower.  (Ref: Death 1-17-1891)  I believe this statement to be at least partially
misleading due to having located seven graves prior to that time.  An explanation simply could be the area prior to
1890 was privately owned and the statement should be that John C. Lower was the first burial after the property was
purchased by the Masonic Lodge for a cemetery.   Because of the unintentional misconception I believe it is
important to list the seven burials prior to 1890.  These are listed in burial date order.

1.         Johnie Beeker Newton Born: 10-20-1874        Died: 5-10-1878
      (son of Charles Samuel & Mary Elizabeth JONES Newton)

2.         Johnnie M. Rolls                       Born: 11-23-1877        Died: 11-15-1878

3.         Jane Eliza Bullock                     Born: 4-9-1849            Died: 4-9-1880
      (sister of Charles Samuel Newton)

4.         Francis P. Rolls                        Born: 10-15-1852        Died: 8-10-1881

5.         Florence Rufina Newton           Born: 9-27-1879          Died: 9-3-1882
      (daughter of William F. Newton who is a brother to Charles Samuel Newton)

6.         Willie G. Jones             Born: 1-21-1884          Died: 11-26-1886
      (son of Horace King & Docia HAWKINS Jones)

7.         James H. Painter                       Born: No Date              Died: 8-30-1888

On September 1, 1890 the Valley View Masonic Lodge No. 507, purchased four acres of land for $60.00 for the
establishment of a public cemetery north of town.  The property was purchased from J.S. Fletcher.  The Trustees of
the Valley View Masonic Lodge, were G. L. Spurlock, S. I. Burks and C. S. Newton.  

Over the years additional acreage has been acquired.  On September 9, 1898 for the sum of $100.00 another four
acres was purchased from Thomas D. Johnston.  (Mr. Johnston made the transaction living at Alexandria,
Louisiana)   The Trustees of the Valley View Masonic Lodge was C. S. Newton, S. I. Burks and S. E. Humphries.  
There must have been some type of problem with this transaction because on July 10, 1902 the same four acres
was sold by the Valley View Masonic Lodge Trustees, C. S. Newton, S. I. Burks and S. E. Humphries for $50.00 to A.
J. Hudspeth.  The same day A. J. Hudspeth joined by his wife A. R. Hudspeth sold the same property back to the
Valley View Masonic Lodge for the sum of $50.00.  Trustees were C.S. Newton, S. I. Burks and S. E. Humphries.

In 1942 the Valley View Cemetery Association was organized and has looked after the burial grounds of the public
cemetery.  Mr. Howard Springer and Mr. T. R. Couch have both served long tenures as director for many of these
early years.

In February, 1944, an additional 5 acres of land was purchased from W. S. McCubbin for $100.00 per acre.  The
cemetery association did not have the funds for this purchase so T. R. Couch, A. C. Bragg, F. K. Newton, Bert A.
Martin, Howard Springer and J. J. Nichols agreed to furnish enough money to buy the land.  The land was to be
plotted and sold for lots.  The proceeds from the sale of lots would go to the men putting up the money for the
purchase price until they are repaid.

In December, 1950 it was approved to sell to St. John’s Catholic Church 10 full lots and 5 half-lots for the sum of
$325.00.  They would also have the option of purchasing 25 additional full lots for a consideration of $500.00
payable at $100.00 a year starting January 1, 1953.  This property is out of the McCubbin addition.  The trustees
who made this agreement were, T. R. Couch, F. K. Newton, Homer Roane, Weldon B. Calhoun, Bert A. Martin and
Claudine Harris.  

There also has been burials in two other locations in this area. One in a pasture now owned by Carl Kemplin north of
town which was originally the Captain Lee property.  This particular cemetery which I will refer to as  “The Old Valley
View Cemetery” is no longer in use and has been confused in previous writings as being located in the W.S.
McCubbin pasture causing one to believe the property was once owned by him which is incorrect.  The other burial
location is on property owned now by the Kupper Brothers that is a short distance west of town on the west bank of
Spring Creek.  The exact location of the burials is at the moment lost but it is possible the stones will be uncovered
at some point being there is still people living that recalls the few  graves that were located there.  Previous writings
will mention this location as the Cameron Highfill pasture.

The Valley View Cemetery is sustained by contributions and a trust fund was established in the early years which
helps provide perpetual care.  This trust fund was set up in order for the interested ones to leave a bequest,
contribute money, leave stock and bonds, land, anything one wishes to leave for this purpose.

The cemetery is currently served by 7 elected directors each serving a 2 year term.  Typically around November
each year an annual letter is mailed out to report on the business of the previous year along with a ballot to vote on
the directors and to give those interested a chance to contribute to the upkeep of the cemetery in the coming year.

It has often been said with humor that the only thing getting bigger in Valley View is the grave yard.  

Current Officers and Directors of the Valley View Cemetery Association are;

President::  David Barthold
V-President:  Kevin Kemplin
Secretary & Treasure: Gayle Ward

Terry Barthold
Yuton Harris
David Barthold
Gayle Ward
Nelda Hudspeth
Kevin Kemplin
Norman L. Newton

Contact to purchase cemetery lot:   Norman L. Newton      
Phone: 940 726-3414

To stake a burial location please contact:  Kevin Kemplin and/or Carl Kemplin

Note:  The people mentioned in this history often were listed by use of initials only in a name which was common of
the time.  I will attempt to give their full name along with birth and death if known.

Amos Cleveland Bragg                        12/31/1897        9/3/1970
Silas I. Burks                                        1/7/1840        7/27/1909
Weldon Ben Calhoun                           11/22/1923        2/10/2010     
Thomas Ralph Couch                        1/17/1904        5/23/1979
Andrew Jackson Hudspeth                6/26/1839        5/8/1917
Ann Rebecca HILL Hudspeth             10/6/1849        4/30/1947
Stephen Elliott Humphries                1/23/1861        5/17/1946
Bert Allen Martin                                8/17/1906        4/1/1923
Warren Solly McCubbin                      9/11/1877        7/23/1944
Charles Samuel Newton                      8/11/1838        1/25/1903
Frank King Newton                              10/20/1884        2/12/1960
Jimmy Joy Nichols                                1/31/1903        7/20/1988
Homer Clyde Roane                             5/25/1910        7/27/1992
Howard Springer                                  12/29/1893        9/1/1978
Dr. George L. Spurlock                        1852        Death between 1900-1910
  All the above are buried in the Valley View Cemetery except for Ben Calhoun who had relocated to Greenwood,
Texas and is buried at Oaklawn Cemetery in Decatur.

Sources used;
Cooke County Clerk records
Minutes of the Valley View Cemetery Association
Valley View Cemetery Survey – 1998 and on by Norman L. Newton

Revisions: Originally written in 1998 by Norman L. Newton
1/16/2003 (minor update)
1/20/2010 (minor update)
12/15/2013 (extensive update for clarification and added additions of McCubbin, Catholic area and update of current directors list.)