Captain and Mrs. Lee Observe Golden Anniversary in 1909


It was over sixty years ago that L. W. Lee and Mary Ann Frfer [Fryer] began to make eyes at each other in Cooper County, Missouri. 


They were schoolmates, and in 1909 Capt. and Mrs. Lee celebrated their Golden Anniversary.


The following is taken from The Buncetun [Bunceton], (Mo) Sun, The old home of these two sweethearts, and had this to say:


"Quite an interesting event was celebrated at the home of Captain L. W. Lee and wife on November 1, it being the fiftieth anniversary of their widding [wedding].  About thirty relatives and friends were present, and a very enjoyable time was had.


"Music for the occasion was furnished by an orchestra of Gainesville and the old fashioned Virginia reel was danced by all present, lead by Captain and Mrs. Lee.  Captain Lee sang several old time songs, accompanied by his wife on the violin.  An accomplishment of Mrs. Lee not generally known to the people.


Suitable speeches and toasts were gven [given] by different guests, and after a pretty little speech by Mildred Lee Mann, of Denver, a granddaughter of Captain and Mrs. Lee, of Denver, all joined in singing "Annie Laurie" "Auld Lang Syne," and other old familiar songs." 


"One of the many appropriate gifts was a beautiful silver and gold loving cup, presented by the two daughters, Mrs. J. M. Potter and Mrs. R. Mann."


Captain and Mrs. Lee married at Prairie Home Missouri, November 1, 1859; moved to Texas in 1869, and then on to Cooke County in 1870.



The above article was taken from the VALLEY VIEW BEACON, April 25, 1941.  I made corrections on spelling mistakes in the article which is shown in [brackets].  The granddaughter mentioned, Mildred, was 6 years old at the time. On the train ride from Colorado to Texas her mother, Zoe, taught her the jingle, “You can search the world over and find no one better than grandma and grandpa Lee”.   This is what she recited as mentioned in the article. 


Ella Lee married James Monroe Potter and made their home in Gainesville on Church Street.  Zoe Lee married Roy Mann and made their home in Denver, Colorado.  Ella was born in Missouri and Zoe was born in Texas, 1876.  Additionally the Lee’s had a son, Perry Lee, who was born just 25 days after the Lee's arrived to the location that would be Valley View.  Perry suffered a unexpected death at the young age of 26 due to an illness in 1896.  He had only been married a few months.


Norman L. Newton